Puketi Forest Capital Fund

Because Puketi is not an island and a pest-proof fence would not be practicable, pests cannot be permanently eradicated from Puketi at present. The restoration work we are doing now will need to continue for the forseeable future. Technology and other improvements are likely to reduce the cost over time, but it still represents a significant future commitment.

In order to secure the future of the project, the Capital Fund was established in 2008. Donations made expressly for the Capital Fund will not be used for day to day operations of the Trust, but will be invested to provide a sustainable income to maintain long term pest control. Income of the Trust is tax free because of our charitable status, so that the investment return on a fund of $1 million should be enough to fund the restoration of this unique subtropical Kauri Forest in perpetuity.

Donations to the Puketi Forest Capital Fund are a minimum of $1000. All donations qualify for donation tax credits, in keeping with our Registered Charitable Trust status. The Trust's funds are protected by the rules of the Trust Deed registered under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. If for any reason the Trust ceases to exist then our deed of establishment requires remaining assets to be donated to other conservation projects in Northland.

To Donate to the Capital Fund:

There are several ways you can donate. Choose the method most convenient for you.

Direct Credit by internet banking. Details of how to make a direct credit donation are here...

Credit card or PayPal account. Connect to the secure PayPal website here...

Post a cheque, together with a note giving your name, address and contact details, to the address below. Cheques should be payable to "Puketi Forest Trust", crossed and marked: Not Transferable, A/c Payee Only.

Puketi Forest Trust
PO Box 257,
Kaeo 0448,
New Zealand.

If you would like to leave something to the Puketi Capital Fund in your will, please talk to your legal advisor or contact us for more details.

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