Summary of Strategic Plan 2008 - 2013

In 2003 the Trustees drew up an initial 5 year strategic plan to guide their operations. This plan included things like projected costs and how to market the trust, establish a website and begin establishing the network of tracks and traps in the forest. In 2008 the period of the initial plan ended and the plan was reviewed. The trustees consider that the Trust currently has four key areas of operation:

The 2008-2013 plan sets goals and outcomes for each of these areas. Having achieved the goals set for the first five years it is seen as imperative that the Trust maintain the network of traps and keep them serviced regularly. This network forms the backbone of the Trustís operations, giving us a healthy, functional forest in which to operate.

The trustees also consider it appropriate to increase our monitoring effort at this time. The key areas of focus are to be pest, weed, bird and invertebrate monitoring and increasing our links with research agencies with the goal of getting more ecological research carried out in the forest.

Now is also the appropriate time to enact the goal of restoring the forest by reintroducing birds that were formerly found here but are now extinct.

Key goals of the 2008-2013 Strategic Plan are:

Particular strengths of the forest and the Trust were identified as follows:

The trustees will use the framework provided by the Strategic Plan to guide their decision making over the next five years.

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