How to Donate

There are three ways to donate:

Direct credit

Simply complete the online direct credit form and we will send you all the information you need to make the payment by direct credit. Direct Credits can be made by internet or phone banking, or by visiting your local bank branch and asking the teller to process a transfer.

Paper form for direct credit

You can download and print a paper form here with all the information you need to make a direct credit payment.

Online Donation

Simply complete the form below and pay securely with Stripe.

New Zealand banks no longer accept cheques.

Puketi Forest Trust is registered as a charity in New Zealand (number CC32808). Your donation will qualify for a donation tax credit if you are a New Zealand tax payer. Receipts will be issued for all donations.
Thank you for your support!

Waipapa River valley, Puketi Forest

Complete the form below to make your donation

Thank you for your support! Donations are vital to enable us to continue with the level of pest control we need to protect the forest.