2024 Trapping Contractor Tenders are open

Puketi Forest Trust is seeking tenders from experienced and passionate trapping contractors for the 2024 year. The work will involve Stoat, Feral Cat and Possum and/or rat trapping in Puketi Forest. If you would like to submit a tender for this work, please download the documents from the following link: https://we.tl/t-VlnTWwCQlz Tender close date: 19th Decemeber 2023 Tender evaluation dates: 20th December 2023 - 1st

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2022 Trapping results

2022 Trapping results Trapping results continue to be good with the number of pests caught similar to previous years.  This is as expected as new animals move in all the time and all other things being equal, the reinvasion rate into the trapped area would be approximately constant, although they do vary up and down.  Between October 2003 and December 2022 Puketi Forest Trust has

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Farewell John Dawn

Photo John teaching the Jobs for Nature kaimahi compass and map skills Farewell John Dawn John first joined the Trust in approximately 2006.  His father, John Dawn Senior, was a Trust supporter from the beginning, and it wasn’t long before John was actively involved, both as a volunteer and a Trustee.  John was the first to admit that he knew nothing about trapping or pest

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Photo credit Auckland Zoo Taurepo One of my favourite plants is taurepo (Rhabdothamnus solandri) or the New Zealand gloxinia.  From a distance it is a pretty non-descript small, bushy or twiggy shrub, with a slightly shaggy appearance because of the brown hairs which are variably present on its grey-green leaves and stems.  It grows to around 2m tall.  When you get closer it reveals its


Jobs for Nature March 2023

Jobs for Nature March 2023 update The trust has reached the midway point of our Jobs for Nature project. Our team consists of eight Kaimahi, two team leads, two managers and an administrator, all of whom are dedicated to significantly increasing pest control in Puketi. The team plan, cut, install and service pest control lines so that by the end of the project, in September

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Challenge Walk 2023 Which Route to chose?

Kauri Walk 2023 which Route to chose? It's really important that you chose the right route for your fitness levels. Below is some information about the route to help you to make your choice... The 21km route follows Pirau Ridge Road (an old logging road) through the forest for approximately 9km.  For the 12km option, trampers will be transported down this section in four-wheel drive

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Introducing Paul and Hannah

Introducing Paul and Hannah Paul joined us in May this year as the Service Delivery Manager for the Jobs for Nature team. Paul is managing our team of nine kaimahi and one team lead and can often be found up to his neck in maps of the forest. Paul and his team are responsible for delivering on the milestones as set out in the Jobs

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Trustees Wanted

Trustees Wanted There are a few vacancies on the Board of Trustees and nominations will be welcomed.  The job is not onerous, particularly now that Hannah and Paul are here to manage day to day running of the Trust.  At a seminar on fundraising and charity governance a while ago, we were given a rule of thumb that trustees should expect to contribute up to

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Kiwi Monitoring 2022

Kiwi Monitoring 2022 Ian Wilson is supposed to have retired, but he kindly agreed to organise kiwi listening again this year.  During May and June, twelve Trust volunteers and Dan O’Halloran from DOC monitored ten sites by listening, and another two sites were monitored by audio recorders.  A summary of results for eight sites that have been monitored by people (recorders pick up calls but

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Te Araroa Fundraiser

Adventurer Danielle raises funds Last summer, Wellington Zoo keeper, Danni Rae took leave from her job to walk the Te Araroa Trail and along the way raised sponsorship for four conservation groups, of which Puketi Forest Trust was one.  Te Araroa is an internationally popular great walk that traverses the length of New Zealand, 3,000 km from Cape Reinga to Bluff.  Thousands of people walk

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